LED light systems for existing luminaires

Specialized LED lighting systems for existing high-quality luminaires

In addition to our series program, we also offer lighting systems for historical and decorative luminaires with conventional lighting technology.

Long-standing installed luminaires ensure a familiar ambience, especially in historic city districts. Now it is possible to equip these luminaires with our long-time tested LED technology.

For most luminaires from the program of the manufacturer Lehner WerkMetall, our technicians have developed, tested and certified inserts together with the engineers from Nittendorf. The major challenge is that the luminaire character is not destroyed. At the same time, all the requirements of modern lighting must also be met in the light distribution.

In order to guarantee the service life of the system, further, important steps are necessary, which are assured by our testing procedures. Climate climatic tests are also carried out according to the test standard PV1200: 2004-10.

Not all lighting manufacturers produce their systems with LED technology. Some manufacturers do not exist anymore. In these cases, we work in close consultation with our customers and develop the system inserts individually for the respective housings, which meet the requirements for energy savings and cost-efficient installation. The effort and the costs for maintenance and repair as well as the maintenance measures are enormously reduced and the life expectancy of the luminaire increases a lot.

The very good price / performance ratio and the high light quality of the modernized system promise short amortization times and high customer satisfaction.

We would be pleased to advise you on the possibilities for retrofitting your LED to your luminaires, what energy savings are possible and what cost savings can be achieved compared to the complete replacement of the luminaire.