LED-mast attachment luminaire CANTARA PLANUM

It is about the areas where hard work is being done.
Areas in which light is not a design task but a life-changing task.
PLANUM offers the right light for fire brigades,
Industrial applications, waterworks, bioenergy plants and loading yards.

Specifications CANTARA PLANUM

Designation: CANTARA PLANUM 2-5

Fields of application: Main roads with high traffic volumes, main and access roads with high traffic
Industrial roads, parking lots and industrial parks

Light point height: 4 – 10 m

Power consumption: depending on current supply and number of light units between 21,6 W und 108,0 W

Luminous flus: between 2128 lm und 12170lm depending on light color, current supply and number of light units

Light color: clear white (5,700 K), neutral white (4,000 K) or warm white (3,000 K)

Operating mode: Connection to: 230 V, alternating voltage according to DIN IEC 38
Standard: Protection class SK2. On request protection class SK1

Installation: With bracket for attachment to mast, wall or traverse,
Or with mast fixtures (on top mast) M1 / M2 and special solutions (on request)

Available light units:

DS32 – 83 ° x 154 °

DS32 is optimized for road lighting according to EN13201

DS32 S – 122 ° x 160 °

DS32 S is optimized for diffuse longitudinal lighting of paths and roads

DP31 – 97 ° x 140 °

DP31 is optimized for the lighting of squares and large areas

DP31 S – 128 ° x 160 °

DP31 S is optimized for diffuse lighting of surfaces and building areas