LED - The light of the future

The system for street lighting

DELSANA develops and produces complete LED lighting systems.

The complete solution consists of:

  • selected high-power – LEDs from Philips
  • efficient heat sink with patented, permanent heat dissipation (even when switched off).

The modular concept allows the luminous flux to be regulated in small steps. This avoids the use of energy to produce unnecessary light.

Advanced light management: The luminaires can be integrated into a light management system via appropriate interfaces. Optionally, different parameters are defined via a night reduction. The luminous flux can optionally be kept constant by an automated current adjustment.

High-quality aluminum lightweight construction. Precision manufacturing of the components using the latest manufacturing technology.

Highly weather resistant textured lacquer powdercoated, color selection: iron mica DB 702 silbergrau and DB 703 anthracite. Solvent-free firing lacquer from three-stage production process. Properties: Weathering, UV and chemical resistant, high impact, impact, abrasion and adhesive strength.

The most important advantages in the area of street lighting at a glance:

Long lifetime:

With the right technology and taking into account a functioning heat management, our LEDs achieve a service life of well over 60,000 operating hours.
Frequent switching on and off has no effect.
Low maintenance costs

High energy efficiency:

Brighter roads despite lower connection capacity
Low energy requirements
Reduction of electricity consumption
Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
Cost optimization and conservation of resources
LEDs do not require a start-up time when switching on and have a low current consumption relative to the luminous flux

Environmental compatibility:

No heavy metal load
Insect neutral light with the side effect that the glass covers are less polluted.
Avoidance of light-smog by directional emission
Contribution to climate protection and role model for private households


Optimal traffic safety with correct light color
Reduce shadowing between street lights
More light – more safety for all traffic users
Good light = good vision – result: prevention of crime
Compliance with DIN / standards according to DIN EN 13201


Good light conveys a good feeling. The light color, the light scatter and the optimal use are responsible for this.
White light has a broad citizenship

Energy efficient street lighting

Around one third of street lighting in Germany is 20 years old and older.

The technology is not up-to-date, causes unnecessarily high energy costs and is very maintenance-intensive.

The placing on the market of high-pressure mercury lamps was due to the poor efficiency of the EuP Directive 2005/32 / EC

(“Energy using products” Directive 2005/32 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 July 2005

Establishing a framework for the requirements for the environmentally sound design of energy-using products) in 2015.

Existing installations may continue to be operated but should be abolished successively.

Ecodesign guideline

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Light control

The aim of DELSANA was to make complex technology as simple and modular as possible in the standard luminaires.
The resulting models are based on this concept. A wide range of product types and a variety of configuration variants allow for optimal coordination with the present lighting task.

Lighting systems from DELSANA are based on a modular technology concept. The basis for this is provided by a comprehensively defined light unit, which is used in adapted configurations for different light types.

DELSANA works very closely with the system components manufacturer cor light. The light units equipped with selected PHILIPS brand LEDs are precisely coupled to optical and heat-dissipating system components.

The use of precise and highly efficient systems of light control is a core competence of DELSANA:
Corresponding to the lighting task, optimally matched lighting technology is used.
All requirements of the standard for street lighting: DIN EN 13201-1 are fulfilled.

For the lighting planning we will gladly provide you with our Eulumdat data:

DELSANA Eulumdat-Files L-Serie

DELSANA Eulumdat-Files D-Serie